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One good article on AutoBoxing by Krishna Srinivasan is here

Info about autoboxing and widening from JavaRanch:
Thread Reference ->

When overloading methods are concered with Wrapper classes, the primitive values are NOT automatically widened and autoboxed as the specification is defined as such. You need to manually widen it and invoke the method. Otherwise, you will get an error saying that it is illegal :)


  • Generics Introduction from SUN is here
  • A pdf file of Generics Tutorial from SUN is here
  • Introduction to Java Generics from Dietel is here
  • IBM DeveloperWorks article on Diagnosing Java code: Java generics without the pain
  • From Deitel's links
  • Part 1 Part 1: Introduction to Java Generics is here
  • Part 2Part 2: Motivation for Generic Methods in Java is here
  • Part 3 Part 3: Generic Methods—Implementation and Compile-Time Translation is here
  • Introduction to Generic Types in JDK 5.0 from IBM is here [Note: it requires authentication {my rediff id and usual password}]

For-in or for-each or enhanced for loop



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