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How to have interapplication communication?
How you can pass a request from one web application to another application (by invoking a jsp for example).

Reply from Ben Souther, bartender of JavaRanch:
The war file isn't the application.It's the packaging.
The term you're looking for is 'context' which is synonymous with 'application' or 'web application'; often just called 'webapp' or 'app' for short.

Yes, you can use sendRedirect to redirect to a JSP in another context.
Because sendRedirect uses the browser to generate a new request, you can use it to redirect to any page, even pages outside your context, server, or domain.

The spec also makes it possible to forward to a resource in another context but security conscious containers don't allow this by default.

Reply from Ulf Dittmer, a bartender of JavaRanch:
You'll need to be more specific about what "pass data from my application to other" means - From java class to Java class? Through parameters in a link? An HTML form?

In general, there are any number of ways for two web apps to exchange data: through files, database, email, messaging, web service, RMI, HTTP, sockets, … What's appropriate really depends on the circumstances, about which you haven't said anything.

A search link in JavaRanch for the same - given by Ulf dittmer
Here you go :

How to cache the web pages in client machine (browser)'s session?
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